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How to use WELLON USB programmer series to program simultaneously

WELLON programmer series can make a computer operated multiple programmer ssimultaneously. This feature can improve work efficient and reduce the cost of product. In addition, the different model Wellon programmer can work well together, so can make the best of your facility.

Each programmer works independently and estimates the program process.

Use step as follows:

aaaaa1 Connect the first programmer; open the WELLON software until the green light is in stability condition

aaaaa2 Select the chip model after the initialization is successful. (The programmer state which is in the lower software interface displays "communication OK!") Make choice of yourself program, and then press the auto program button.

aaa3 Connect the second programmer (this model can make a different with the other one, if necessary.); open the second WELLON software until the green light is in stability condition. In this step, it is unnecessary to select the chip model and select the program.

aaa4 Mark the Mass Production Mode and press the Auto Program button after the communication is successful. You can connect more programmers according to step 3, 4.

aaa5 Adjust the software interface in order to several interfaces don't overlap each other.(like the follow figure)

aaa6 In this multi-program mode, when the programmer's GOOD yellow light or G/E green light is lighting, it is mean that the program is completed. You can change another chip on the programmer without modify the software.


aaa1 Because the USB port maybe have a power supply problem. So every programmer should connect the external power.

aaa2 The function which is sequence number auto increase is invalidation in this mode.

aaa3 The chip which you want to programmed must be supported by the most

low-end programmer.

aaa4 You should only select the chip model and the program file after the first programmer initialized, because our programmer used a shared memory. It is mean that you can immediately start the auto-program after the other programmer initialized without select the chip or the program file.

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